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Warehouse & Order Fulfillment
We offer a completely managed warehouse operation to store and fulfill your orders. Accuracy and efficiency is our
top priority. We are located in Orange County which makes us local to LA and surrounding cities. You will be in an
arms reach of your inventory and our team support. We will be in daily or weekly communication with our team if you
so choose to make sure everything is running smoothly. This service is available a la cart or inclusive to our full
service pricing model. The following are the individual tasks and responsibilities of our team.

Receiving Inventory: Client will ship or deliver inventory to the ProductsGo warehouse at the client’s
expense. All inventories must be delivered with a packing slip and delivered within ProductsGo specified
Barcode: To accurately manage and track inventory, ProductsGo will provide a barcode system to label all
your items. Once product is delivered, the ProductsGo staff will accurately receive, barcode and store all
Inventory Storage: ProductsGo will provide secured and monitored storage for your product. Merchandise
will be properly handled, organized and managed by our trained staff.
Product Care & Liability: ProductsGo will provide limited insurance coverage for wholesale value of
merchandise stored at our warehouse. We recommend our clients to add ProductsGo as an additional
warehouse location to assure full coverage of consigned merchandise.

Pick, Pack and ShipEach business day, we will review the current pending orders to move them to processing status where the
order is Picked, Packed and Shipped.

Print and Prepare Daily Orders for Processing: We will print from our system a packing list and
invoice for each order and prepare it for warehouse picking.
Fraud Prevention: We have a multistep process that will flag possible fraudulent orders. Our
steps include Authorize.net’s fraud filters and approval measures, IP location tracking, address
match, proof of id for larger orders, and signature confirmation for larger orders. We will establish
rules specific for the website that we determine with the client that will yield the highest profit to loss
ratio in terms of fraud prevention.
Pick & Pack: ProductsGo staff will accurately locate and pull the items for each order. The order
contents will be scanned and packed following any packing instructions. Once Scanned, order is
charged and funds are captured.
Shipping: Package is sealed and our system will create a postage label to be applied. All
packages are properly packaged, sealed, and handled for safe delivery.

Customer Service and Returns : ProductsGo will provide customer service via email and phone support in timely and reputable manner. Based on established rules, we will provide customers with the answers, solutions and resolutions based on these rules. ProductsGo will handle and process all customers’ return packages.
Merchant Account Chargeback Claims: Chargebacks are formal complaints submitted to the credit card
company from the customer for their purchase dispute. ProductsGo staff will handle all chargeback claims
from the merchant processor if merchant processing access and authority is allowed to ProductsGo. We
would process all claims in a timely manner and put forth reasonable effort to win all claims.
Freight and Delivery Services: Client will be responsible for any free shipping or other shipping promotions provided to end users. 
Value Added Services and Packaging Materials
ProductsGo will provide standard packaging for items shipped to End User. All costs will be billed to the user
in the stated shipping fees.